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Project Overview

MultiHelp is a Java-based help menu emulating the original ubiqutous in-application help system. Its primary focus is on making it as easy as possible for a developer to deploy documentation. As a result, the library takes everything in the 'help' application sub-directory and processes it, self-determining the appropriate documentation system by a variant of the Unix 'magic' file determination method. Unlike other systems, no recompiling to a new help format is necessary - important for automatically generated documentation such as source code and Javadoc.

Each documentation type has control of its own directory parsing and control of its presentation in both the navigation tree and the HTML display panel (JEditor). The types are controlled by a registry system. Adding a new type requires a custom class and a new magic file entry to uniquely identify the new type without a configuration entry.

Localization (version 0.2 and later) is provided by separate documentation directories. Locale names are to be used as defined in the System.getLocale() method.